Netcad IoT Server

ASUA define a fundamental architecture for Urban AutomationReference Platform. This is High level architecture ASUA project. On the right side, there are two components,IoT Server and CSM (Communication System Manager). They are common to allprototypes. Thy stand for sensor data and network data. Any future integrationwill be available to parties via open standards. This architecture givesopportunity to restrained sensors or gateways to get benefit from server-side capabilitieseasily, like visualization, decision support, etc.

One of the main results of the Project is Netcad IoT Serverbased on Urban Automation Reference Platform which is defined by all partnersduring the project. In the following figure you can see the building blocks ofit with a basic data flow information. Data from devices in real world comes toIoT Services that are support different protocols and data formats.When thedata comes to these services, all requests are go through to Security layer.Here we authenticate and authorize the user and requests.

Then rule engine checks if the data matches any predefined rule.And sends it to the alarms&actions manager if matches. After this, it ispersisted using Data Access layer which is a generic layer capable of writingdata to several SQL and NoSQL databases. Here observation data is stored inApache Cassandra which is a NoSQL database and a RDBMS.

Dashboard visualizes the data, analysis engine will analysehistorical data which is still in progress. And alarm&action manager reactsto the events generated by Rule engine by sending a notification, or writing toa MQTT topic and etc...

Here is a sample customizeddashboard on Netcat IoT Server to visualize sensor data in real time.