The technology developed within ASUA project will be applied by the participating organizations,leading to outstanding results for all consortium members. The added value brought by ASUA consists of the “Urban Automation Reference Platform”, a conceptual platform design which will include the main functionalities and mechanisms that are identified as critical by the partners during the project for sensing applications in the domain of urban automation.

One of the essential project outcomes, bringing an innovative perspective, is the prototype of a web based Urban Monitoring Information and Control System, that will allow integrating and controlling complex geotechnical monitoring sensors such as robotic total stations or vibration sensors in a wireless sensor network. Therefore, the sensors will be connected to a developed multi-functional device, able to store and process
the data locally by embedded computing power and to transmit the data to other sensors, to a local data management and information system.
Another important result is the map-based interface for real-time sensor data monitoring & autonomic sensor control, suitable for challenging environments and serving as a united platform for future smart city applications.

Netcad IoT Server

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