The business impact of the project mainly focuses on new products and ICT solutions, developed for the benefit of different urban business domains in modern cities in Europe. The influence of ASUA also derives from the fact that it proposes ways through which the Cloud and Sensors/IoT concepts can be used in the context of Urban Automation. 

Another important outcome of ASUA project is that it provides predictive capability to optimize the performance of urban structures (buildings, roof, roads etc.) and understand or prevent failures.By applying new knowledge and technologies resulting from ASUA, urban structure design and repair techniques will be developed. Last but not least, scientific articles published in specialized journals are expected from ASUA. Other channels for the dissemination of ASUA's results are through participation in conferences and workshops both at national and international level.


SWITCH aims at improving the existing development and execution model of time critical applications by introducing a novel conceptual model (application-infrastructure co-programming and control model), in which application QoS/QoE, together with the programmability and controllability of the Cloud environments, can all be included in the complete lifecycle of applications. Based on this conceptual model, SWITCH provides an interactive environment for developing applications and controlling their execution, a real-time infrastructure planner for deploying applications in Clouds, and an autonomous system adaptation platform for monitoring and adapting system behaviour.

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C³PO aims at providing a Cloud collaborative and semantic platform for city co-design. The C³PO platform is unique in that it covers the whole urban project development process where cities empower, encourage and guide different stakeholders (citizens, decision makers, architects, etc.) to develop an urban project together. C³PO does not intend to replace or modify the existing applications offering unique but partial solutions of city co-design (simulation tool, open API, 3D modelling and visualisation, gaming tool, etc.) but can be seen as an open and generic intermediary that enables the interaction between existing applications through a unique multi-dimensional semantic repository. 

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The key point of FOODIE project is creating a platform hub on the cloud where spatial and non-spatial data related to agricultural sector are available for agri-food stakeholders groups and interoperable. It will offer an infrastructure for the building of an interacting and collaborative network; the integration of existing open datasets related to agriculture; data publication and data linking of external agriculture data sources, providing specific and high-value applications and services for the support of planning and decision-making processes.

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